Update Seminar Update on latest U.S. Sanctions against Iran

What EU companies need to know now about secondary sanctions

U.S. President Trump on May 8th has announced the withdrawal of the U.S. from the nuclear agreement with Iran (JCPOA). Contrary to the previous arrangement, the U.S. President will not sign any further suspension of U.S. sanctions as he did in the past. The comprehensive economic sanctions of the USA against Iran are to come into force again in early August, the other group of sanctions in early November 2018. It is important to know and will be shown in this seminar, which sanctions apply from which date to European reexporters as well as to companies that do not even have a U.S. Nexus as reexporters - the so called secondary sanctions. In particular, the nuclear agreement had suspended the so-called „secondary sanctions“ of the USA against Iran. This refers to sanctions against foreign (i.e. European) companies doing business with Iran. Mr. Trump now wants to reactivate these sanctions. 

This will have serious consequences, especially for European companies which are also active in the U.S. markets. U.S. sanctions have an enormous impact on European companies due to their extraterritorial application, the involvement of U.S. goods in European supply chains, and „U.S. persons“ employed by such companies. As a result, it is necessary for such companies to comply not only with European and national export control and embargo provisions but also with the U.S. sanctions on certain countries, persons and companies. European companies face penalties in the USA if, for example, the Iranian business partner is on U.S. sanctions lists.

Aim of the seminar

The seminar will provide practical information on the termination of the Iran Deal by the USA and the laws´ impact on European companies. This seminar will give an overview of the key aspects of recent developments and the developments to be expected with regard to foreign trade with the USA. With case studies and analysis of the legal framework and executive orders EU companies learn what will be prohibited once the rules are applicable.


  • Secondary sanctions before January 16th 2016 and transformation by JCPOA
  • Overview on sectoral sanctions and 90 and 180 days wind down periods beginning May 8th 2018
  • What is expected from european companies with respect to winding down Iran business?
  • Snap back: Reinforcing secondary sanctions and extraterritorial approach
  • U.S. Person; U.S. items, De-Minimis, Transshipment and OFACs general inventory rule
  • Catalogue of sanctioned transactions and persons after wind down period-catalogue of possible penalties
  • General licenses under the JCPOA and termination; individual licenses before and after May 8th
  • Transactions with and without U.S. nexus in light of the forthcoming rules

Target group

This seminar is intended for export and import management professionals and personnel, export control officers, and management and other personnel that are responsible for operational and strategic export control issues in their companies. 

Other information

The seminar will be held in English! Also the documents provided in this seminar will be in English. 

Participants are encouraged to submit questions and case studies in advance! 



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