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Spezial Chief export compliance officer (CECO) in the company

Export control is a matter for the boss! Responsibility and liability for exports

If a company based in Germany exports goods that require an export license, a chief export compliance officer (CECO) must be appointed to the german Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA). The CECO must be a member of the board of directors or management and is responsible for the organization and supervision of export controls throughout the company. Managing directors and board members are therefore personally liable in Germany for organizational violations of foreign trade law. BAFA expects you to be aware of the obligations applicable to exporters and to implement a functioning Internal Compliance Program (ICP).

A foreign national residing outside the Federal Republic of Germany can also be the person responsible for exports of a German company. In order to meet the needs of this target group, the AWA is now also offering this webinar in English. This event is not only suitable for those foreign managers who are to perform the function of the CECO. Those responsible in the foreign parent companies that second these managers can also find out about their duties under German law in the export sector.


  • comprehensive course materials
  • AWA certificate

your benefit

After your participation, you will know the core obligations of the person responsible for exports. You will recognize and understand the relevant export control processes in the company. With your knowledge, you will be able to ask the right questions and carry out your responsible task in the best possible way. You will reduce your personal liability risk and protect your company against the consequences of violations of the law thanks to appropriate organization and communication.


  • The four core obligations of the person responsible for exports
  • In-house export control
  • Liability and release from liability for violations of export control law
  • Implementation in export processes (to control goods lists, country lists, prohibition lists, embargoes)
  • Implementation recommendations for an ICP (Internal Compliance Program) and Disclosure (voluntary disclosure) of self-recognized violations

Teaching Methods/Material and Intended Number of Hours

  • Presentation
  • Exercises using participant's case studies
  • Exercises using lecturer's case studies
  • Working with legal texts

Teaching material used

  • Legal texts, excerpts from:
    • AWG, AWV
    • EU Dual-use Regulation (EU-VO 821/2021)
  • Other documents
    • Leaflets issued by authorities
    • Checklists, flowcharts
    • Articles/essays from trade journals

The training course lasts 3 hours.


You can download the preliminary schedule for the webinar here.

Target group

The training is aimed at board members and managing directors. In general, it is worthwhile for those responsible for export control to attend the course. Legal and/or management consultants are also very welcome.


The webinar’s language is English.

Before, during and after the webinar

How do I take part in an AWA webinar or an online appointment? On this page you will find all the information about the required technology and the procedure for a webinar.


  • Exportkontrolle
  • Management


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