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Spezial China: Corporate Governance under Amended Company Law of China

From the perspectives of EU headquarters

The Company Law of China has been amended significantly which will be implemented as of July 1, 2024. The amendments largely address such risks as deadlocks that arise from the intricacies of governance structures of joint ventures, for instance; the impairment of shareholder rights due to incomplete equity transaction regulations; and the harm to the company caused by the obscurity of the management's responsibilities and authority. The same amendments may present certain risks or compliance issues to the EU headquarters of its subsidiaries in China, as well as to the operations in China themselves. The management of EU headquarters is supposed to be aware of such risks and issues as well as the roadmap for further compliance and governance adjustments as may be necessitated by the amendments to the Company Law of China.


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your benefit

In particular, you may benefit from the webinar in the following respects:

  1. Comprehensive Understanding: Gain understanding of whole picture of the Company Law of China.
  2. Shareholder Engagement: Understand rights, obligations and risks of EU headquarters in the context of investment in China.
  3. Risk Management: Learn how to manage the risks associated with legal representation and executives within the new legal framework.
  4. Operational Adjustments: Effect adjustments as necessary for the management and operation of your subsidiaries in China.
  5. Investment Strategy: Update strategies for future investments in China.
  6. Professional Development: Enhance your expertise in Chinese corporate law, benefiting your professional practice and your clients.


  • Amendments to Company Law
  • Shareholders' Rights, Obligations, and Risks
  • Management of Chinese Subsidiaries
  • Governance and Operational Issues of Chinese Subsidiaries
  • Strategic Planning for Investment in China


You can download the preliminary schedule of the webinar here.

Teaching Methods/Material and Intended Number of Hours

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The webinar lasts 3 hours.

Target group

The webinar is intended for lawyers, in-house counsels, compliance managers and other managers responsible for the planning and management of operations or investments in China.

Important information

Participants are encouraged to submit questions, case studies and scenarios in advance.  Please submit your questions/case studies at least three weeks before the start of the webinar to:
The training course’s language is English.

Before, during and after the webinar

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