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für Fortgeschrittene (Stufe 2) Customs English WEBHZACUE240801

For Upper-Intermediate Students

This English course is designed to help customs practitioners improve their mastery of customs terminology and expression. The focus of the course is customs English within an EU context. Besides the UCC and its procedures, topics include international agreements and instruments, contracts and business correspondence. By encouraging discussion, the course will explain language errors and improve idiomatic expression using practical examples. Overall, the course will provide participants with a sound basis for continuing to develop and improve their English skills.

The trainer is a native English speaker and jurist, well acquainted with customs legal terminology.

This  language course consists of 10 webinars of 60 minutes each, which are structured as follows:

  • discussion of topics and related themes
  • recapitulation of language points
  • Q & A


  • comprehensive course materials
  • AWA certificate

your benefit

As the world language, a sound command of English is an essential requirement for an international career. The higher your level of English, the greater the opportunities for utilising the latest publications by international organisations and academia thereby ensuring your trade strategies are accurate and forward-thinking. It will also expand your opportunities for self-development, enabling you to participate in international conferences or postgraduate programmes as well as maintain effective dialogue with colleagues from other countries.


  • 14.08.2024, 12 p.m CET (12:00 MEZ)
  • 21.08.2024, 12 p.m CET (12:00 MEZ)
  • 28.08.2024, 12 p.m CET (12:00 MEZ)
  • 04.09.2024, 12 p.m CET (12:00 MEZ)
  • 11.09.2024, 12 p.m CET (12:00 MEZ)
  • 18.09.2024, 12 p.m CET (12:00 MEZ)
  • 25.09.2024, 12 p.m CET (12:00 MEZ)
  • 02.10.2024, 12 p.m CET (12:00 MEZ)
  • 09.10.2024, 12 p.m CET (12:00 MEZ)
  • 16.10.2024, 12 p.m CET (12:00 MEZ)


The following plan covers the major topics of international trade and EU customs law as a starting point for discussion. However, participants are also free to suggest their own topics and materials.

  1. International trade and regulation
    Topics: international organisations, regions and trade blocs, embargoes and sanctions
  2. Public and private sector
    Topics: customs and economic operators, their activities and regulation of the supply chain
  3. Goods
    Topics: types of goods (incl. dual-use goods), classification, determination of origin and valuation
  4. Contracts
    Terminology, parties, common law concepts, major clauses, disputes and legal remedies
  5. Customs debt
    Topics: incurrence and discharge, joint and several liability; guarantees, repayment and remission
  6. Import
    Topics: describing the procedure for release into free circulation
  7. Transit
    Topics: intermodal transportation, describing the transit procedure
  8. Storage of goods
    Topics: customs warehouses, free zones (UK), describing the warehousing procedure
  9. Export
    Topics: export controls, describing the export procedure

Teaching Methods/Material and Intended Number of Hours

  • Presentation
  • Exercises using participant's case studies
  • Exercises using lecturer's case studies
  • Working with legal texts

Teaching material used

  • Literature
    • Worksheet for the students and presentation
  • Other documents
    • A variety of texts will be used, including the UCC, international agreements and instruments.

The training course lasts 10 hours (10 x 60 minutes).

Target group

Customs practitioners, officials, lawyers, consultants and lecturers who wish to practice, refine and expand their customs English.

Required English level: Upper Intermediate (B2 CEFR). Further information on this English level is available here: Global scale - Table 1 (CEFR 3.3): Common Reference levels

Important information

Participants are encouraged to submit questions, case studies and scenarios in advance.
The webinar’s language is English.

Before, during and after the webinar

How do I take part in an AWA webinar or an online appointment? On this page you will find all the information about the required technology and the procedure for a webinar.


  • Zoll
  • Exportkontrolle
  • Internationales Business


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  • Mittagessen
  • AWA Zertifikat

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Online, Deutschland


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12:00–13:00 UhrDates:
• 14.08.2024, 12 p.m CET
• 21.08.2024, 12 p.m CET
• 28.08.2024, 12 p.m CET
• 04.09.2024, 12 p.m CET
• 11.09.2024, 12 p.m CET
• 18.09.2024, 12 p.m CET
• 25.09.2024, 12 p.m CET
• 02.10.2024, 12 p.m CET
• 09.10.2024, 12 p.m CET
• 16.10.2024, 12 p.m CET


Dr. Christopher Dallimore
Head of Studies (Master of Customs Administration) // Münster


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