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Webinar Spezial RCEP: Trade Opportunities & Compliance

What do European companies have to prepare for?

"Gigantic" – this is the description the press uses when talking about the new free trade agreement RCEP. With the Asia-Pacific "Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership", the largest free trade zone in the world has recently come into existence. RCEP signatories include Japan, South Korea, the ASEAN countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia. Other RCEP members are Australia and New Zealand. Dominant country in the free trade agreement: People's Republic of China. This means that the new agreement covers almost a third of the world's population and almost a third of world trade – and that with an increasing population and growing economic power.

The RCEP aims at tariff dismantling, unified rules of origin, harmonised standards and free market access. However, only companies in the participating countries enjoy these advantages. Imports from the EU and the USA into the region will be at a competitive disadvantage.

The global economic power centre is shifting further east with RCEP. The trade policy significance of the Asia-Pacific Free Trade Agreement is enormous – "Asia will go from being the factory to being the market of the world" (quote Hilpert, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik). Europe and the USA must set the course now at the latest in order not to lose touch with China, which continues to rise.

Interview zum RCEP-Freihandelsabkommen

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  • China: Reform der Exportkontrolle – der Kurzüberblick
  • China Export Controls and Counter Measures: Impacts on Chinese and Foreign Companies

Your Benefit

What do European companies trading in the region have to pay attention to now in view of the new framework conditions of the free trade agreement? After attending the webinar, you will know the answers. You will also be aware of the background and implications of RCEP.


  • Trade within RCEP countries: tariff reduction scheme and generous rules of origin
  • Trade compliance issues under RCEP
  • European companies: challenges and opportunities

Teaching Methods and Intended Number of Hours

  • Presentation

The webinar lasts 2 hours.

Target group

The webinar is intended for officers and employees involved in global supply chain, tax, customs and trade compliance, legal, finance.


The webinar will be held in English!

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