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WebinarSpezialChina Export Control Law and Unreliable Entity List

Extra-territorial sanctions and compliance measures

The newly-enacted China Export Control Law (ECL) and Provisions on Unreliable Entity List (PUEL) are extraordinary enactments. In the first place, they strengthen protection of national security, apart from safeguarding non-proliferation of WMDs. Secondly, they provide for such extraterritorial jurisdiction and sanctions against foreign entities and individuals that are generally rare under Chinese law. Like the EAR of the States, it imposes obligations of all parties concerned to observe the China export control law over controlled items and national security and interest concerns.

The extra-territorial jurisdiction of ECL over foreign entities and individuals is reflected in the concepts of controls over re-exports and deemed exports, as well as over issues of possible or actual endangerment of national security and interests which is highly of a political nature. Such foreign individuals or entities will be subject to Controlled Name Lists, huge penalties and other severe administrative or legal consequences.

Any foreign entity if in observing US export control regulations severs business links to Chinese entities or otherwise endangers national security and development interests, will be put into the List of Unreliable Entities, a list equivalent to the Entity List of BIS of Ministry of Commerce of the States.

Given the severity of these two regulations, foreign companies must understand their obligations under ECL and significance of their China export control compliance scheme in order to avoid violations. This lecture will provide you with an in-depth analysis of China’s new export control regime and its impact on foreign companies‘ businesses. The lecturer will also present practical measures in building compliance systems and tackling governmental investigations based on his expertise and experience.

Your Benefit

The webinar provides an overview about the changes made by the new law to the existing export control regime. You will understand the export control mechanism as well as legal consequences and sanctions of violations. You will learn about the risks of foreign entities and individuals as well as national security and risks beyond the controlled items. Other topics of the webinar will be keys in export control compliance for Chinese and foreign parties and measures in tackling investigation by MOFCOM and the Customs.


  • China Export Control Law
  • Extraterritorial jurisdiction
  • Legal risks of foreign entities and individuals
  • List of Unreliable Entities
  • Reciprocal Measures and export control
  • Governmental Investigations
  • Export Control and Trade Compliance

You can download the preliminary schedule of the webinar here.

Teaching Methods and Intended Number of Hours

  • Presentation

The webinar lasts 3 hours.

Target group

The webinar is intended for international companies affected by the new law.


The webinar will be held in English!

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