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Seminar Spezial China Export Control Law CECL231101

Updates and enforcement trends

Since the effective date of China Export Control Law (ECL) on December 1, 2020, China MOFCOM has issued the export control ICP guidelines, and China is currently enacting the implementing regulations of ECL. That said, Chinese customs and MOFCOM have intensified investigations in 2023, and more serious criminal investigations have occurred against exporting entities. This lecture will identify the special legal risks of ECL in the operations of Chinese or foreign companies and how to address the risks in terms of ICP compliance as well as the defence issues in governmental investigations cases.


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your benefit

After attending the seminar, you will understand the legal risks under ECL in business operations in China and other countries. You will realise the patterns and trends of ECL enforcement and the importance of ICP. You will also be aware of the techniques as to how to cooperate with or tackle governmental investigations.


  • China export control law and risk elements in operations in China or other countries
  • Patterns and trends and cases of enforcement of ECL
  • Strategies of compliance and defence

You can download the preliminary schedule of the seminar here.

Teaching Methods and Intended Number of Hours

  • Lectures

The seminar lasts 3,25 hours.

Target group

The seminar is aimed at people who work in the fields of trade compliance, import and export, law as well as customs and export control.


The seminar will be held in English!


  • Exportkontrolle
  • Internationales Business


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Ort & Termin

AWA-Tagungszentrum Münster
Königsstr. 46, 48143 Münster, Deutschland

Tel: +49 2518327560
Fax: +49 2518327561


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09:00–12:30 Uhr

Mögliche Dozenten/-innen

Prof. Dr. Hans-Michael Wolffgang
Director of Institute of Customs and International Trade Law at the University of Münster // Partner der AWB Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH // Münster und München
Dr. Deming Zhao
Partner, Global Law Office, Shanghai


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