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Seminar Spezial China economic sanctions and counter measures

Issues and practice

As empowered by China Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law (AFSL), China may blacklist those foreign parties who promote or advance discriminatory restrictive measures which intrudes domestic affairs of China (Intruding Measures), and such entity or person in China or abroad that complies with such Intruding measures may be subject to administrative penalty and actions of claim for compensation in Chinese court if taken by an aggrieved party in China. A Chinese or a foreign company needs to understand the exposures under AFSL if complying with a US or EU Intruding Measures and dilemma in navigating through different export control or sanctions regimes. The lecture will also tackle such a dilemma.


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your benefit

After the seminar, you will understand the rationale of Chinese sanctions and counter measures. You will identify the exposures of the dilemma in complying different sanctions and export controls and know how to formulate an internal control program to eliminate or alleviate the dilemma.


  • China Foreign Sanctions Law: Rationale and Counter Measure Name List
  • Unreliable Entity list and Blocking Rule
  • Counter measures under Export Control Law
  • Exposure of entities in China or a foreign country and compliance measures
  • Other issues of national security violation and recent cases

You can download the preliminary schedule of the seminar here.

Teaching Methods and Intended Number of Hours

  • Lectures

The seminar lasts 3,25 hours.

Target group

The seminar is aimed at people who work in the fields of export control and sanctions, trade compliance, supply chain, law as well as purchase and sales.


The seminar will be held in English!


  • Exportkontrolle
  • Internationales Business


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