„I really love Münster“
Austauschschülerin aus China besucht AWA

Jianglin Han studiert Jura am Shanghai Custom College (SCC) mit Schwerpunkt Zollrecht. In 2018/2019 absolviert die chinesische Studentin ein Austauschsemester an der Universität Münster. Sie ist die erste Austauschstudentin des SCC, die in Münster studiert. Das Shanghai Customs College bildet Nachwuchskräfte für die chinesische Zollverwaltung und Wirtschaftsunternehmen aus. Das Institut für Zoll- und Außenwirtschaftsrecht kooperiert mit dem SCC. Neben ihrem Studium interessiert sich Jianglin Han auch für Seminare der AWA AUSSENWIRTSCHAFTS-AKADEMIE, die sich mit dem chinesischen Zoll- und Exportkontrollrecht auseinandersetzen. Sie besuchte das Seminar „China Export Control Scheme and the Draft New Law“.

Jianglin Han

Austauschstudentin vom Shanghai Customs College

Jianglin Han vom Shanghai Customs College im Interview

"I study law in Shanghai Customs College and the exact field is Customs Law which will be taught in the third year. My exchange here is only for one semester, from October 2018 to February 2019.

To be honest, I really love Münster which has already been the favorite city I have ever visited. Münster is a young city that there are many university students riding bikes through the city and you can see many students sitting on the steps, chatting and studying. There are a variety of activities every week which are hold by „social support“, for example, badminton competition, Stammtisch, Christmas dinner, etc. Also, there is a great atmosphere of studying that every student may ask questions during the class freely and the libraries are always full. Thanks to the video records of lessons, I can listen to the course at home and also repeat it if necessary.

China is looking to strengthen its export control regime by its new draft law. I’m interested in how it works for regulating the exports of military, nuclear, biological, chemical, and dual-use items. That's why I attend the AWA Seminar."